This site has been created with the help of some wonderful colleagues
because we identified a need in the market of online shopping for ski gear.
The Internet has a wealth of information on almost every snow sport
activity. There are travel sites, organizations, equipment sites,event sites,
pro sites, blogs, forums etc. There are also many excellent online stores.
Real stores, with real people with extensive ranges of fabulous top brand
ski gear, snowboard gear, clothing and accessories.

The Internet, however, is a crowded place these days and it isn’t always
easy to find great, authentic merchants without spending a lot of ‘search
time’. That is where the idea for Ski Gear Heaven came up. With help, we
have created this resource listing sites that are long standing businesses
with good reputations that carry a full range of ski gear and/or snowboard
gear plus all the other essential ski equipment and accessories.

We are affiliates for all of the sites but don’t have a special affiliation
with any particular one of them so we are therefore impartial. The
intention is to make it easy for you to access them all from this one
resource to enable you to compare the best ski gear, snowboard gear, prices
and deals. We will continue to review other sites for inclusion here. We
will also continue to review our featured sites for specials, deals,
customer satisfaction and the latest ski gear.

HAPPY SKIING from Lyn and the Ski Gear Heaven Team!