How To Choose Snowboard Goggles

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Winter is finally here, time to head out to the slopes and try to find the freshest powder on the mountain. The first thing you should think about before heading out is, how good your snowboard goggles are. One of the most important parts of your gear arsenal should be your vision, something that keeps you from taking a fellow boarder or getting taken out by a tree. Your goggles should have anti fog protection, a good seal, and some kind of sun protection. Snow blindness is something that most snowboarders don’t think about but soon realize. Let’s go over a few things to think about when choosing your snowboard goggles.

Snowboard goggles fitting

The last thing you want when flying off a jump is your goggles dislodging on your landing. To prevent this failure, make sure you have a good strap. If you’re picking up a new pair of goggles, get some that provide good adjustability and a trusted brand. Sometimes those cheap goggles also provide cheap straps that wear out quickly. If in doubt, pick up a spare strap. You want your goggles to fit without cutting off circulation and without slipping. Put your snowboard goggles on, sling your head around, push down on them gently, if they stay on, they should be good.

Snowboard goggles should not fog

Usually about midday you’re going to really put your goggles to the test when it comes to fogging. You’re just starting to get your heat on and you’re sweating. Now some times you can’t prevent the fog because it’s simply too much sweat. However, keeping your goggles lubed up with anti fog can prevent most of it. Even if your goggles come with dual lenses and an anti fog, chances are it is going to wear off. Pick up some spray or cream and keep them up to date. Additionally, choose a pair that has ventilation, this will allow the heat to escape and helps with fogging. If you simply can’t keep them from fogging up, try removing your beanie. Your head is where most of the heat goes and it needs somewhere to vent, if you have a beanie on your snowboard goggles will often fog.

Snowboard goggles should have some glare protection

If you have ever been out on the slopes at all, you know about how bright it can be. It doesn’t matter if it is sunny or not, the constant white glare will be there if there is any light at all. Even if you get a slightly tinted snowboard goggle it is better than nothing. It is best if you can choose one that is polarized and blocks UV rays. Keeping your eyes protected will keep you carving longer.

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