Tips to Find Discount Ski Wear and Save Money


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Hitting the slopes when they are covered in a fresh layer of white snow is exhilarating, and one of the reasons why skiing is so enjoyable. Don’t let the expense associated with buying the proper gear add stress, and keep you from enjoying the snow.

Use the following ideas on how to find discount ski wear so you can save money and enjoy winter sports without having to compromise.

Places to Find Discount Ski Wear

The first, and often times least obvious place to look for discount ski wear is big box stores. When you are shopping at these stores try to think more of the clothes you wear, and not just the equipment needed. Many stores of this nature offer great deals on sweaters, gloves, hats, pants and turtle necks, and are most likely cheaper than a store that specializes in winter or outdoor sports.

Another great place to get discount ski wear is to look for items for sale through an online auction company. Many people try skiing only to find it isn’t for them. This is a perfect way to get high dollar gear and equipment at a fraction of the cost of a specialty store. Before trying this, be sure and have knowledge of the equipment that you are purchasing.

Don’t rely on the seller to help you make your decision. If purchasing clothing ask the seller for measurements. Ask for waist, inner leg and outer leg lengths for pants. Sleeve length, waist, chest and length for jackets. This way you will ensure that your new ski gear will fit well.

One of the best places to check for used discount ski wear is through your papers classified ads. This option often times allows you to physically handle the equipment, so you know what you are getting before you make the purchase. This is the safest way to buy used equipment from an individual, but it does shrink the geographical area that you are able shop from.

Discount ski wear – don’t forget online

If used equipment turns you off but you enjoy online shopping, then try shopping for new items through online ski equipment stores. Many of these companies can offer discount ski wear because they don’t have the overheads associated with maintaining a store front. Most of them also offer discounts with the more you spend, and offer free or discounted shipping with a minimum order total.

Don’t let the expense associated with skiing keep you from enjoying it. Let discount ski wear save you money, and keep you enjoying one of the most exciting winter sports!

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