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K2 Burnin Luv skis have been my skis of choice for the past two years. I love them. I have skied on many brands over the years but became a bit of a K2 fan once I found the One Luv, one of the intermediate skis in the K2 Tnine range of womens specific skis. This was my favorite ski for several years and it took me confidently from a low intermediate skier through to advanced intermediate. They were great for me at the time but, as my skiing improved, I grew out them.

Enter K2 Burnin Luv Skis Extraordinaire

I was looking for a ski that could handle speed with stability and with zippy turning qualities. I wanted an all-round ski that could handle most terrains. I realize that it is very difficult to find a ski that will excel in all terrains perfectly but I was looking for the best all rounder I could find. I demoed several brands including the K2 Burnin Luv and for me it was a no contest. Although I enjoyed the other skis that I demoed I found the K2 burn love excelled in all the areas that were important to me.
During the winter in the Southern Hemisphere we live at Falls Creek Creek Ski Resort in Victoria, Australia and I ski daily for about three months. Australia gets a lot of hard pack and icy conditions. There is occasionally powder and we also get a lot of chopped up snow after the powder has packed down.
My preferred style of skiing is fast on steep groomed runs. I find these skis responsive, and they give me the confidence to handle nearly all conditions I encounter. They hold well on ice and they handle chopped crud with ease. They are stable at speed and turn like lightning with very little effort needed from me. They aren’t that great in powder but that is not what they were designed for a. However I find these are the best all-round skis for me. With the amount of power we get I find them adequate, however if I was skiing regularly in an area that had a lot of it I would get another pair of powder specific skis.
Is there anything I don’t like about the K2 Burnin Luv? The graphics, but this is a totally personal opinion. I have never liked the graphics of the K2 womens specific ski range. I find them a bit gaudy. I had a pair of the 2009 Burn Luvs and I found them particularly ugly. The 2010-2011 ones are marginally better. I particularly don’t like the decorated bindings. I think that plain white or black would be a great improvement. Having said that, I love these skis so much and they are so much fun to ski on, my personal dislike of the graphics is not even a consideration. Many others that I know think the graphics are fabulous. All I know is that these skis take me to heaven on a daily basis in all conditions.

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