Ski Clothing: Safety Advice for a Fun-filled Ski Experience


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Ski clothing is one of the most important items of ski gear that you should get in order to enjoy long hours of fun-filled skiing. The use of specialized ski clothes, as opposed to just, winter wear, is highly recommended to keep the body at a normal temperature and to remain comfortable when doing energetic skiing or snowboarding.  The majority of the reported accidents in a snow sports point to the lack of appropriate gear including the use of the right ski clothes. When you plan to do activities out in the snow, the use of the correct ski clothes that fit you well can save you from serious complications such as hypothermia or frostbite.

Effective ski clothing is actually multiple layers of clothing designed exclusively for snow use. The inner 2 layers are designed to keep your body warm and allow it to breathe, while the outer layer is made up of special kind of fabric to withstand the extreme cold temperature. The initial layer of ski clothes makes use of thermals to retain warmth to the body while the second layer is the winter-type of fabric that also protects the body from cold. While these 2 layers secure the warmth of the body, the outermost layer which is made up of synthetic materials to ensure that wind and water can’t pass through.

All layers are light in weight so there’s no need to worry about any inconvenience as you move in the snow as modern ski clothes are designed in a way that you can comfortably move your body.  They also have several compartments and pockets so you have enough space for your water bottle and some other personal stuff that you can use during the day.

The head also requires the same protection and warmth as the other parts of the body when skiing as you lose most of your body heat through your head. The most effective way you can protect your head from the danger of falling or a sudden slip is to wear a suitable helmet which is also very effective in keeping the head warm. For the eyes, reliable and high-quality goggles are also a must to protect from the sunlight and cold wind. To keep your feet well-protected when not skiing, high shoes made from all-natural leather with sufficient inner padding are recommended. Gloves made from woollen or leather are perfect to keep your hands warm and safe the entire time of skiing. Modern fabrics such as Gore-Tex are excellent for warmth and weather proofing.

Ski clothing gives you the much need protection to survive extreme winds and cold while skiing. If you plan your wardrobe carefully you will enjoy many days of fun filled activity comfortably and safely. In summary, the key points to remember are to dress in layers and to ensure that you use proper ski clothing instead of merely warm winter clothes. If need be you can economise by borrowing gear or buying during sales.


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