Ski Gear – Buying Gloves


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Ski Gear – Buying Gloves

Your budget is always a factor when buying gloves or ski gear. However, there is one thing you should not compromise on and that is your ski gloves. If your ski gear budget means you have to make some sacrifices along the way it is better to forgo style than it is to compromise comfort or functionality. Most ski gear can be rented at quite reasonable prices but rarely gloves.

Having said that, there are still plenty of ways to get stylish, good quality ski gloves without breaking the bank. Buying at the end of the season will usually get you some great bargains at your local ski shops but sometimes the range can be a bit limited. There are also many excellent online outlet stores that stock all of the popular brands of ski gloves at substantial discounts. Here are a few hints that may make your purchasing decisions a bit easier and your skiing experience more enjoyable.

Buying gloves, an important purchase

Remember that you are going to be out there in freezing temperatures for hours on end. You also have to take into consideration wind chill and dampness when you ski. Gloves that keep your hands warm and dry are essential. If you don’t purchase carefully, ski gloves that feel great when you first put them on can easily become a source of misery after a few hours. This is especially important when buying gloves or mittens for children.  Most parents know that if the children are miserable they will make everyone else around them miserable too.

Two main important factors to consider when buying ski gloves are waterproofing and breathability. Waterproofing is essential, especially on the coasts where the snow isn’t as dry. Once your gloves are wet your hands will freeze for the rest of the day.

There are many good waterproofing materials used in ski gloves on the market these days. Gore-Tex, Entrant and Omni-Tech are good ones to look for but there are several others. Insulation should be good, but not so thick that it is uncomfortable or restricts your fingers. Remember that your hands will be gripping poles for most of the day and you want your ski gloves to fit comfortably around the grips. Thinsulate and Thermacore are two well respected forms of insulation used in ski gloves and mittens. You will find these materials are used in other good quality ski gear such as jackets, pants and après boots.

A couple of final hints: Regardless of whether you buy or rent the rest of your gear your ski gloves are a valuable item. If you look after them well they will give you years of service. At the end of the day always leave them in a warm place overnight as, even good quality ski gloves can become damp on the inside from perspiration. Also when taking them off always make sure to firmly grip the ends of all of the fingers before pulling them off or you may risk separating the liner from the outer.


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