Ski Jacket – Buying Hints


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Ski Jacket – Buying Hints

Your ski Jacket is one of the most important purchases you can make apart from your ski
gear. It can mean the difference between having a fabulous day and a miserable one. You
want your ski jacket to be stylish but it must also serve its main purpose which is to
keep you comfortable and dry on the slopes. Your jacket must keep you warm and dry but it
also needs to be made of breathable fabric because you exert a fair bit of energy when
you ski. Gear aside, your ski jacket and ski pants are the items that you need to give
the most consideration when making purchasing decisions.


Do you normally run hot or cold?
Everyone’s body temperature is different and being too hot can be just as uncomfortable
as being too cold. Many ski jackets these days come with a fleece liner that can be
easily removed.  Both ski jackets and pants sometimes come with vents that can be
unzipped to allow airflow if you get too warm.

Do you like to wear several layers on your ski jacket?

If so, a shell may be better for you than a padded ski jacket. It will keep out the wind
and keep you dry but you can control how many layers you wear underneath when you ski.
Jackets that are made of thick down are perfect for really cold conditions but can be
uncomfortably hot on other days. If you do go for a shell as opposed to a ski jacket be
sure to buy one large enough to accommodate several layers underneath for those freezing

Are the fabric joins of your ski jacket and pants seam sealed or taped?
Regardless of the quality of the fabric used you will still get wet sometimes if all
seams are not properly sealed.

Are there adequate pockets and accessories?

Think about all the things that you need when you ski and whether you can accommodate
them comfortably in your ski jacket to make life on the slopes easier. Remember things
such as keys, money and cards, spare glasses, phone, neck warmer, tissues, ski lift pass etc.

What is your budget?
Apart from your ski gear your jacket and pants are usually your most expensive items but
if you choose wisely they will last for years. Most top of the range ski jackets will
cost you $400 or more though you can find some basic ones for around $200. It is not,
however, an area to scrimp on. If you are on a budget it is smarter to shop around for a
good quality ski jacket that is ‘on sale’ as opposed to purchasing a cheap quality one.

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