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What goes into a ski slope name?

While in some ski areas, the ski slopes or trails have just numbers, ski runs that have catchy names are the ones that are easiest to remember.

While ski runs that are part of a park or resort area are typically named by staff members or owners, others have just acquired names over time by those who have traversed the terrain.

If the name is suitable and memorable to others, sometimes it sticks. This is a collection of some of the most memorable, albeit sometimes funny, names of ski slopes and ski runs throughout the US and Canada.

Some ski slope names to look out for

At Blackjack Resort in northern Michigan, there is a notorious trail known only as No Name Trail.  At the nearby Treetops Resort, another trail is known as Old Face Full.  At Alpine Meadows Resort at Lake Tahoe, there is the Chute That Seldom Slides, and at Donner Ski Ranch, there is the Not So Private Road. Also at Lake Tahoe, Mount Rose is the home to the infamous Miller Time run, and at Heavenly, you can find the $100 Saddle as well.

In Taos, New Mexico, you can find the Psycho Path, but it is highly advised that you don’t. Bogus Basin, Idaho is home to the Widow Maker if you dare, and Sundance, Utah hosts the Tombstone trail.  For those who prefer a little faster pace for their ski slope, there is also Git-a-long Road at Vail.

Exploring the different ski resorts is one of the most exciting aspects of a skiing enthusiasts life, so why not grab your ski gear and start your own adventure?

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Larry Prentice October 9, 2010 at 5:43 pm

I came across this article while researching answers for the Marlboro Outwit the West 4 contest. Can anyone tell me if there is a resort with runs named Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Overland Trail, Yosemite Falls and Route 66. Any help would be greatly appreciately.

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