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What are the best winter boots for women?

When it comes to winter boots for women, of course the first thing you are going to think of is fashion. Rarely does a women walk outside with anything on her feet that she didn’t like. It is almost like a statement of who you are as a woman. But what are your choices and what does each choice provide you ask? Here are some of the most popular winter boots for women this year.

Over the knee winter boots for women

One of perhaps the most popular of the winter boots for women of all time is the over the knee boots and this year is no exception. Of course there are a lot of names for these styles of boots (ultra tall boots, thigh high, etc.) but they all come down to the fact that they go over your knee. These boots are chosen mostly for fashion, but do provide a bit of barrier from the winter weather. They can be chosen with a flat heel or the ultra sexy high heel.

Faux fur trim winter boots for women

Perhaps the front runner in winter boots for women for the past couple of years (which I have seen even worn in the summer months) is the faux fur trim boots. These boots are usually a flat bottom boot that is extremely warm and ultra comfortable. This style of boot is an excellent choice for your winter boot because it provides warmth, comfort, and if chosen in certain styles, can protect you from the winter wetness. If you live somewhere prone to snow or ice look for a style with a tread. It doesn’t need to be a big thick tread, just enough to stop you slipping.

Ankle winter boots for women

If you aren’t into making a big statement with your boots, then perhaps the ankle boot is more your style. This is a good choice for winter women’s boots with subtle fashion designs. They make a good dress boot and are also great with jeans. They come in various heel choices and toe designs to suit all tastes. Of the boots listed here, this style will give you the most fashion choices.

These are just a few ideas. There is such a vast array of winter boots for women that you would need to write a novel to include them all. They come with buckles and without, with rhinestones and without, leather, and non leather, suede, rubber, Gore-Tex etc. If you are after a bargain wait till a month or so into winter as they usually go on sale quite early. Also, you can get some great deals online as long as you know your size

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