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Womens Winter Boots – Find the Best Winter Boots for Women

With the weather changing there is one thing on many women’s minds, it’s time to go shopping for winter clothes. What better way to get started on the shopping season that going down and picking up a pair of warm womens winter boots.

There is nothing like slipping on a brand new pair of gorgeous winter boots, the instant feel of warm fur inners and the fresh smell of leather or suede. However choosing your winter boots should not be a blind choice. Rather you should go into this shopping experience thinking about how you will most likely use them, and how long you plan to wear them.

Due to seasonal limitations on wearing them womens winter boots can be a huge deal to most women. It’s just like any other shoe purchase, you’re looking for fashion over function right? Wrong!. When it comes to buying your winter footwear you should think more on the side of function. The winter months bring rain, snow, and who knows what else, you should be prepared for that. This means that when choosing your boots you should think about keeping your feet warm, dry and most importantly comfortable. What point is there in buying a great looking pair of boots when you are miserable after the first 10 minutes of wearing them? Because if you are not comfortable wearing them, chances are they are going in the closet with the rest of your failed shoe purchases.

Womens winter boots; function versus fashion

The most import factor in choosing womens winter boots, as mentioned, is being warm, dry, and comfortable. So your boots should have a good liner. You do not need to have a big woolly bear look, even though that is one of the latest trends. Many of the top boot manufacturers are using some of the latest insulating materials that are commonly used in the ski industry. These materials allow for warm waterproof boots without bulk. These, however, are usually quite expensive but you can often find them on sale or online for great prices.

Choosing boots with a nice rubber wrapped bottom at least should keep you minimally dry. Womens winter boots occasionally are worn to work and for extensive times indoors, so you do not want to choose a boot that is all rubber, as this will prevent your feet from ventilating. In this case it is wise to leave a pair of indoor shoes at work to change into.

Although high heels are very flattering, choosing a boot without a heel or with a low stacked heel is usually the best choice in winter. Chances are, during the winter months, you are bound to come across snow, ice or mud and heels don’t work well in this situation.

So there you have it, keeping these bare essentials in mind will help you with your womens winter boots decisions and hopefully will help you enjoy this coming winter season in comfort and in style.

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