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Bern helmets have become one of the most popular head protection alternatives of today. Their hands on design approach has led them to understand how important it is to offer highly comfortable products that look good while staying fashionable and simple. There are many interesting Bern Helmets in the market, but there are a few which are particularly popular among consumers for the high value they deliver. Lets take a quick look at some of them.

The Bern Baker EPS Matte Grey Eric Pollard with Audio Knit Helmet is a simple looking helmet that delivers what it promises. This is a hard hat that will keep you tuned in while you enjoy the slopes. It features an 8 track audio system that lets you add your favorite soundtrack to each journey. The visor lid is a great detail that makes a difference whenever there is too much sun or snow; it protects your eyes from the glare and looks real nice along the way. Like many Bern helmets, this one uses brock foam to keep your head cool and dry while offering multiple impact protection. Brock foam is designed to allow moisture and air to circulate as needed with special attention on comfort, and is engineered to return to its original shape after impact. The style, and usability of Bern helmets have made them a popular alternative among snow enthusiasts, and this one features a patented snap-in system that makes it real easy to integrate the inner liner as needed depending on weather conditions. Although it has no outer vents, the brock foam makes this a comfortable helmet to wear with good moisture control. Definitely a solid candidate to consider next time you need a dependable and stylish helmet.

Another great product is the Bern Watts EPS Helmet. A simple down to earth safety item that has become one of the most popular alternatives among Bern helmets today. It comes with a thin padding layer designed to give a pleasant fit and a standard hard plastic outer shell that will keep your head safe from harsh impacts. This helmet features inner padding and adjustable straps specifically designed to keep it in place while you have fun in the slopes. The top vents will ensure your head stays cool even if things get hot while going downhill.

So, if you are looking for comfortable and safe helmets that will look great on you, take your time and look around for the models Bern helmets have launched recently. You will not regret it.

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