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Boeri helmets have a longstanding tradition of quality and performance. It all started in Milan, Italy back in the 50’s. When a well known orthopedist’s concern for his brother’s safety led to the development of the first Boeri helmets. Thanks to Franco Boeri’s medical background and his innate flare for inquisitive product development, the Boeri brothers began making protective gear for other sports including skiing, cycling and rock climbing among others. After gaining world recognition for the quality and looks of their products, the Boeri brothers have managed to keep the brand as one of the leaders in the European market for decades.

There are many outstanding Boeri helmets, but there are some that have become particularly popular among consumers. The Boeri BO-0511 MO S Roller Ski – Snowboard Helmet is a good example of such products. It features a simple look inspired in skateboarding that has become quite popular among younger consumers. Another great thing about this product is the adjustable vent system which is designed to regulate the airflow inside the helmet in order to keep your head at a comfortable temperature. This is a simple product with a clean look that has become very popular with younger consumers of Boeri helmets.

Another great product made by Boeri helmets is the Axis Performance Snowboard Helmet. This is an item with a sophisticated look aimed at style conscious users. It is a great alternative to keep you head safe thanks to its ultra light outer shell and the inner EPS liner designed to absorb harsh impacts whenever needed. Another great thing about this helmet is the passive venting system designed to keep air flowing constantly so your head stays dry and cool at all times.As many Boeri helmets, the Axis performance model feature a dial in fit system; which makes it much easier to adjust the fit on the go without having to take the helmet off even while wearing gloves.

So, next time you are looking for a helmet that meets the highest safety standards at a reasonable price, make sure to take a good look at Boeri helmets many of which have groundbreaking designs and stylish looks. They are known for their excellent airflow design and being remarkably comfortable. Take your time to browse online and look for feedback from previous customers to make sure you are getting the helmet that is just right for you. In the end what really matters is that you get a safe helmet at a price you feel comfortable paying while looking great in the mountain.

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