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Protec started back in the 70’s and it is seen as one of the original skateboard helmet brands in the industry. Over the years a variety of Protec helmets have been launched for other sports such as water skiing, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding consolidating it as one of the market leaders of today. In 2002, Protec was acquired by Vans Inc. making both companies stronger as they target similar consumer demographics therefore complementing the product line to offer more value to consumers. In this article we will take a quick look at some of the most popular Protec Helmets in the market today.

The Protec Riot Snowboard Helmet is one of the latest items launched by the company. It has a simple and classic look that has proved popular among fashion oriented consumers. The helmet comes with a visor to protect them from excessive sunlight and snow. It was developed to meet the requirements of Norway’s double Winter X Games gold medalist, Andreas Wiig. The helmet features an outer EPS hard shell and a remarkably comfortable chin strap to keep things in place. It is one of the best items offered by Protec helmets today.

Anther popular product out there is the Protec B2 Snow helmet. It features multi-impact protection technology, great for risky users who enjoy making things a little too interesting at times. It has a skateboarding look that has made it a popular alternative among young consumers. A hidden treasure in this helmet is the new Plantronics sound system that will allow you to add your favorite tunes to the next mountain adventure in your calendar. This is a product definitely worth checking out along with other Protec helmets in the market.

The Protec Descent Helmet is a solid option to consider next time you need a reliable helmet that looks great. It features a resistant polycarbonate shell that covers the inner EPS foam liner. A lightweight solution designed to keep your ideas flowing correctly for a long time. It also comes with DRi-LEX technology designed to keep your head cool and dry at all times, it is odor resistant and breathable. An added feature that sets this item apart from other Protec helmets is the RECCO rescue reflectors on it. These reflectors are designed to work with radar technology used by many mountain rescue teams around the world. It has saved many lives by reducing the time needed to locate a victim trapped in the snow. It is not something you want to experience, but being prepared does not hurt at all.

So, next time you are looking for head protection, take a good look at Protec helmets. They offer a dependable product line with great looks, check it out.

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