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There are many companies focused on ski safety today, but few of them can be considered leaders when in comes to design and innovation. Smith helmets are among the most popular safety items today which have been consolidated as innovation leaders.

Smith Optics, Inc. started way back in 1965 with an inquisitive orthodontist’s quest for a better pair of ski goggles. Dr. Bob Smith made experimental designs using some of his dental tools, foam, some glue and a considerable amount of creativity. In the beginning, he would often exchange his creations for lift tickets, but eventually decided to start manufacturing them on a larger scale.

Smith helmets have a longstanding tradition of performance driven designs based on feedback from athletes endorsed by the brand. This has led to patents and concepts that have revolutionized the industry with simple helmets that work well and look great. There is a large variety of Smith helmets to choose from, but lets take a quick look at two of the most popular models today.

One of the best selling safety items today is the Vantage Snow Sports Helmet, it features 2 zones of adjustable vents that help control the temperature of your head depending on the weather and your body heat. It comes with a comfortable side-clip chin strap and a lifetime warranty, it only weighs 15.5 oz (or about 440 gr. if you are into the metric system). This is a low profile durable helmet with removable ear pads, a great alternative to keep things safe and comfortable in the mountain.

Another popular model is the Hustle Snow Helmet, which is located at a lower price range. It has 28 vents to keep airflow from overheating your head as you work up a sweat, and in case you get cold along the way the adjustable airflow control will allow you to keep things warm and comfortable. A great alternative among Smith helmets with a modern clean look at an affordable price point, definitely worth checking out.

In conclusion, Smith helmets have continuously pushed boundaries in a quest for performance driven design based on input for its roaster of sponsored athletes. The clean and aggressive looks of the brand have consolidated it as a market leader among snowboarders around the globe. There are many online retailers that share feedback from previous users of a specific model, take your time to look around and find one that fits your budget and the looks you have in mind.

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