K2 Burnin Luv Skis are now the K2 Super Burnin 2012


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Comparison of K2 Super Burnin 2012 and K2 Burnin Luv Skis

As the owner of K2 Burnin Luv skis for the past three years and One Luv skis before that I was excited to purchase the new K2 Super Burnin skis this year. Being in Australia I have had the chance to use these skis well before 2012. Here are my opinions and some photos.

Visit the official K2 site if you want to check out the stats and dimensions. The photos in this post are of my own and the opinions are mine based on skiing at Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia.

My Experience with the K2 T9 Womens Specific Skis

K2 burnin luv super burnin K2 Burnin Luv Skis are now the K2 Super Burnin 2012

K2 One Luv

After having skied on many different brands and models of skis over the years I got my first pair of women’s specific skis six years ago. They were the K2 One Luv (160 cm)and it was ‘luv at first run’. I was an intermediate skier at the time and these skis were just perfect. They turned beautifully, were forgiving and, over the course of two seasons helped me to progress to higher levels.

K2 Burnin Luv

As my skiing improved I found that I needed a higher performance ski that handled a variety of terrain at speed. I demoed a variety of skis from other brands but couldn’t find one that I loved. I was reluctant at the time to demo the K2 Burnin Luv ski model as they were nearly 50% more than all the others that I had tried. In the end I gave in and after two runs I was sold despite the price difference. Unfortunately K2 didn’t have them available in 160cm that year so I had to choose between 156cm or 164cm. I decided on the 156cm and adored them.

They were fantastic. They had all the positive characteristics of the One Luvs plus they had a vice like hold on ice (which we get a lot of in Australia) and ploughed through crud with ease. They also handled speed well and were so responsive that I barely had to think ‘turn’ before they complied. I skied them happily for two seasons before deciding to upgrade to the latest model.

K2 Super Burnin

Once I started looking for Burnin Luv 2012 models I realized that K2 had re branded their Luv range and were now calling them the K2 Super Models. The Burnin Luv turned into the Super Burnin, the Free Luv turned into the Super Free, the Sweet Luv turned into the Super Sweet. You get the picture.

K2 super burnin 2012 side view K2 Burnin Luv Skis are now the K2 Super Burnin 2012

So, ahead I went and got a pair of Super Burnins. Fortunately K2 changed their sizing again so I got the 160 cm.

My Verdict

To be honest I don’t notice much difference. I have skied them in all conditions and at all speeds and I still love them as much as always. I just don’t think that there is a lot of difference.

Supposedly they are lighter but I couldn’t tell, maybe because of the length difference. I don’t like the graphics as much but that is a personal thing. I have had many people comment on how much they like the look of them. And, let’s face it, we don’t buy our skis for their looks, do we? The bottom line is that they are fantastic, just as the Burnin Luvs are.

The One Thing That I Don’t Like About the Super Burnin 2012

I know it is minor but it is very annoying. The brakes don’t hold them together! K2 skis are heavy as anyone who has owned them knows. You want to be able to easily throw them over your shoulder if you have to carry them any distance. The Brakes on the K2 Burnin Luv models hold the skis tightly locked together for carrying. I have found with the K2 Super Burnin 2012 skis that when I carry them I only go a few steps and the brakes loosen and the skis splay sideways. As I said, minor but annoying.

K2 super burnin marker bindings K2 Burnin Luv Skis are now the K2 Super Burnin 2012

The bottom line is that whether you go for the Burnin Luv K2 skis or the newer Super Burnin K2 skis you will have an awesome ride.

Skis.com have some great discounts on both these skis at the moment. If you are after the
Super Burnins
image K2 Burnin Luv Skis are now the K2 Super Burnin 2012
they are 20% of the latest model and they also have a whopping 44% off the Burnin Luvs
image K2 Burnin Luv Skis are now the K2 Super Burnin 2012
but only in 146cm and you’ll need to be quick. Backcountry.com also have the Super Burnins for $899 but they appear to have sold out of the Burnin Luvs.


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