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Snowseekers club

Snowseekers is a club for skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sports enthusiasts that was originally founded in northern Illionois, but now has members from all over the US. While the majority of the Snowseekers’ meetings are held near Chicago, the club features a ton of fun benefits for members everywhere, including a discounted ski pass.

A combination of families, couples, and singles, Snowseekers members get together for at least two western ski trips a year, as well as one Midwestern ski adventure for skier and snowboarding enthusiasts alike. One of the best benefits for members is that groups like this can obtain comfortable accommodations and a discounted ski pass at reasonable prices for those who can’t regularly afford that many ski trips in one year.

In addition, the club has the opportunity to demonstrate and evaluate various types of ski gear and equipment, and hosts a number of training demonstrations at various locations throughout the year. Joining a ski club can be especially beneficial for beginning skiers or those who are looking to enhance their existing skills.

Snowseekers get out more

Because the large amount of ski gear and equipment available, as well as the amount of new ski gear introduced every year, can be overwhelming to someone just starting out, the opportunity to socialize with more advanced skiers and snowboarders can also be beneficial. The ski pass benefits you can earn from these snowseeeker outings make it a little more affordable as well.

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