Ski Wear: Complete Your Skiing Fun

In winter months, skiing is a very popular as well as a exciting activity enjoyed by many. You may be an intermittent skier and just spend a skiing holiday perhaps only once or twice a year, but regardless of your skiing skills, it is very important that you have the correct type of ski wear. Choosing the proper ski wear will guarantee you of a satisfying skiing experience. Feeling too cold or damp may hinder you from achieving this.

A Few Ski Wear Hints

We tend to lose heat from our extremities when the weather is too cold so you have to imagine how much more of our body heat we lose in a freezing temperature. That is why it is important to make sure that we are wearing the proper gear to keep us warm and dry, most importantly our head, hands and feet. Look for a good pair of mittens or gloves, headband and ski hat. The hat will protect you from losing body heat through the head while thick and good quality mittens and gloves are excellent to keep your hands warm and also keep them moisture free. A ski helmet is also a good idea. Apart from protecting your head they will keep you warmer than any hat will.

Painful blisters may also develop if you are not wearing the proper type of footwear for skiing. Also, be careful of  wearing socks that make you uncomfortable from the lumps caused if they are ill fitting. Bear in mind that ski clothing should not be too tight or loose since you will be doing a lot of movement when skiing.  Too tight will restrict your movemnet and too loose will not keep you warm. If you are likely to experience harsh conditions while out in the snow fields you might also want to consider wearing thermal underwear.

It is also important to wear appropriate ski jackets that are mostly designed to be waterproof. They have two layers; the inner layer allows body moisture to escape hence allowing the body to breathe while the outer layer keeps you dry because of its waterproof feature.

To make you not only look good, but keep you warm and dry in even the harshest of conditions your ski wear must consist of three layers.
•    The inner thermal wear to keep you warm yet not trap moisture
•    Lightweight and breathable in between clothing to insulate your body; must be waterproof
•    The outer layer such as ski jackets or ski pants must also be waterproof
It is also recommended to choose ski wear that’s made of wool or polypropylene since these materials are excellent in keeping the body warm and absorb moisture well. So does this mean that we have to spend a fortune and buy ourselves some fancy clothes for skiing? The answer is no, when buying clothing for skiing, you must first and foremost consider the quality and function. There are a lot of types of fancy and chic ski wears on the market but the thing to remember is its being functional. Don’t go over the top when it comes to your budget though, just buy what is important and pick the ski wear that is in accordance with your needs.