Following the 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver Torch


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2010 winter Olympics torch

With the next scheduled stop along the trail of the 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver torch at Regina, Saskatchawan, the Olympic torch is burning strong and followed by an endless crowd of supporters clad in ski gear and snowboard wear. There are a total of 21 remaining stops along the Olympic torch trail, and less than three weeks before the Olympic events are scheduled to begin.
ski gear olympic flame Following the 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver Torch

A number of Olympic athletes have already packed up their ski gear and snowboard clothing, headed to Vancouver to begin training and warm up for a long list of athletic competition. For centuries the Olympic torch has been carried in great celebratory spirit across various countries that have served as hosts to the Winter Olympics competitions and events, in an effort to gain greater support among the general public.

Now, as the countdown to the 2010 Winter Olympics begins, the Olympic torch is edging close to its intended destination, and will arrive in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in a matter of days. From there, it will rest high above Olympic competitors and spectators as a way to keep the Olympic spirit alive throughout the competitive events.

2010 winter Olympics torch relay

The Olympic torch relay began in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and has nearly made an entire circle around the country, being carried at times by a number of supporters and celebrities, and even stopping as far north as Alert, Nunavat, Canada, where temperatures were recorded in the negative fifteen to negative twenty range.

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