Biathlon One of 2010’s Hottest Winter Sports


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Biathlon winter Olympics 2010

The biathlon has long been one of the most challenging athletic events of all time, and this year, at the 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver, spectators will be able to see some of the world’s most talented biathlon athletes face off in one of the stiffest competitions of all time. Biathlon winter Olympics 2010 are taking charge!

With this year’s Winter Olympics celebration being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, many Olympic athletes will be faced with the threat of inclement weather such as heavy snow, wind, rain, and fog that can have a profound impact on athletic performance, despite specialized equipment and ski clothing,  especially the biathlon competitors.

This type of winter weather will not only likely impact the overall competition, but also how well each individual competitor and their own ski gear and ski clothing can hold up in conditions that many of these athletes have seldom had the opportunity to compete in.

Biathlon winter Olympics 2010

In the Biathlon winter Olympics 2010 event, fog can be a detrimental factor, as visibility is impaired. Competitors will have to ski cross country for ten miles, then hit a 4.5 inch target with the bullet of a .22 caliber rifle. Not only can fog adversely affect a shooter’s accuracy, but so can wind, as powerful winds are able to easily carry a bullet off course. Some of the new ski clothing out there is lightweight and easy to maneuver in to get a good shot.

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