Olympic Sustainability Initiative is Call to Action for Ski Gear Manufacturers and Sponsors


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Olympic sustainability

In May of 2009, the Olympic Committee hosted the 8th World Conference on Sport and the Environment, which highlighted the committee’s new dedication to greater Olympic sustainability practices and programs, as well as increasing environmental awareness among athletes and encouraging the same green practices among all 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics sponsors, athletic manufacturers, and ski gear promoters.

This initiative is intended not only to promote greater preservation of some of the world’s most precious resources used during athletic sporting events, but also those utilized in manufacturing processes for the creation of ski gear and ski equipment.

Olympic sustainability 2010

While the Olympic sustainability initiative has also prompted a grass roots environmental movement in Canada to promote greater recycling efforts, the number one corporate sponsor of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Coca-Cola, was the first to jump on board, heeding the call to action by implementing its own global sustainability initiative. In addition, another official Vancouver Olympics sponsor, Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), one of the nation’s top suppliers of ski gear, ski clothing, and accessories, also recently announced its “Global Mind” program, which details its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

For 2010 Winter Olympics fans, HBC has also released an official Winter Olympics clothing line, with ski gear, ski hats, and souvenir t-shirts in a variety of styles and designs.

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