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Skiing in Canada on Olympic grounds

If you are making plans this year to take a ski vacation, or are looking to head to Canada to join in the 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver celebration and events, then perhaps it is important to know one of the hottest skiing s in Canada destination, as well as one of the most sought after ski destinations in the world.

Banff, which features the highest elevations in all of Canada, remains one of the country’s greatest attractions and attracts skiers from all over the world every year. With the 2010 Winter Olympics being hosted in Vancouver this year, Banff is an even more popular skiing in Canada destination for skiers from other countries looking to try out the Canadian slopes.

Skiing in Canada, Banff is hot

The popular Banff ski area, only a short ride from the town of Banff itself, features over 190 acres of terrain that is suitable for any level of skier. In addition, the nearby ski resorts of Lake Louise and Sunshine Village offer exciting accommodations, as well as winter and summer activities.  Lake Louise, one of the largest ski areas in all of Canada, also offers an additional 4,200 acres of ski terrain.

Whether you are interested in downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, ice hiking, or snowshoeing, the Banff area is a great place to don your ski gear or even purchase new ski gear to try out all of your winter sports skills.

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