Apres Ski Boots and Other Essentials


Your choice of apres gear is important to consider as you will be spending many a night exploring the venues and eateries at your resort. You will want light clothing for inside as most places are well heated and some are overly warm. The most important items are a good warm jacket and apres ski boots. Also, don’t forget gloves, hats and scarves.

A bit about Après Ski Boots

Good apres boots are essential for getting around. You want something that is light weight, waterproof and insulated. You also need good tread for traction in snowy, icy conditions.

After long day of skiing many people like to indulge in after skiing events or so called apres ski. On those occasions some skiers like to wear their skiing equipment. However, while certain outfits are OK, some others are not. You can easily remove your jacket and a couple of layers and remain comfortable in your ski clothing but it is certainly not comfortable sitting around or dancing in heavy ski boots.

That is where apres ski boots come into their own. Women’s après boots need not look clumsy like they did in the old days when they were called moon boots. Today’s apres boots are, not only very comfortable but stylish as well. Many of them don’t look much different to street boots as the technology of insulating and waterproofing materials have developed to the point that they are very thin. Also the big clunky tread soles of the past have been superseded with new treads which can be quite subtle but still have very effective non slip properties.

Some of the top styles of women’s apres gear ski boots are quite expensive, but you may save both time and money if you shop online. Especially if you browse early pre season or at the end of the season you can great discounts on, not only apres ski boots, but the full range of ski clothing and equipment.

Sorel is one of the most well respected brands in snow footwear. They have everything from heavy duty for hard core and mountain workers right through to great styles of apres ski boots for the fashion conscious.

 Apres Ski Boots and Other Essentials