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Since Julia Mancuso won the gold in the super slalom at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics for The United States while wearing one of the best POC helmets of the time, things have been accelerating for this Swedish startup. A Stockholm based company that started in 2003, POC has been raising the bar in both design and performance with a speed that has baffled some of its well established competitors. Innovative multidisciplinary design teams have worked along with top athletes to redefine the standards for ski helmets around the world.

Lets take a quick look at some of the latest POC Helmets out there.

The POC Synapsis 2.0 Helmet is a light and durable safety item with a distinctive look. The prominent visor is designed to keep the sun and snow at bay while conveying a look that reminds the observer of aggressive BMX helmets. Detachable ear pads make this a versatile option to consider among POC helmets, and the 1 millimeter resistant polycarbonate shell will make sure your head is safe at all times. Although it does not feature the customary controllable vent system that most helmets have; it comes with a pair of large vents that will keep you head cool whenever it is needed. One of the best things about this piece is the turning adjustment system that allows the user to dial the fit as needed, it is a great idea that helps you get just the right amount of pressure to keep things in place. This helmet is particularly good for freeride skiing, definitely worth checking out.

There is a large variety of POC helmets out there, but one that has proved to be quite popular with sport enthusiasts around the globe is the POC Receptor+ Helmet. It is a versatile piece of engineering that can be used for biking, skateboarding, kayaking and skiing. So if you are looking for a helmet to keep your skull safe throughout the four seasons or consolidate your collection of head safety items, this is a model you definitely want to consider. It comes with simple and effective adjustable vents that get the job done without the hassle.

One more item worth mentioning is the POC Frontal Helmet. An item that has been calling the attention of many consumers recently for being simple and comfortable. It was developed with the help of famous freeski sensation Jon Olsson. It is one of the models among POC helmets that is known for its efficient ventilation system and for being one of the most comfortable ones in the market.

In summary, there are many great POC helmets out there, take your time to look around major internet marketplaces and review customers’ feedback. There is one model designed with your needs in mind that will make you look cool while staying safe.

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