For skiers and snowboarders, few pieces of equipment are as important as their ski jacket. Few things are more miserable – not to mention dangerous – than being outside in freezing temperatures, wet conditions and high winds with inadequate clothing. Still, you might not have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional-quality [...]

New skis are expensive. Every time you walk into a ski shop, you see skis with price tags of well over a thousand dollars. However, you don’t have to shell out a few grand just to be able to hit the slopes. Buy at the right places, from the right people, and at the right [...]

Any sale can be a major temptation, especially when it comes to expensive ski and snowboard gear. Buying a new pair of goggles during ski goggles sales can be a great way to save money. Here are a few tips for ways to find sales, save money, and buy the goggles you need. Ski Goggles [...]

Buying top-notch ladies ski jackets can be a tedious process. You want to be warm but not overheated, stylish but not impractical, and insulated without looking like a puffball. Fortunately, while these may seem like challenging goals, you can get everything you want if you just have the necessary knowledge. This guide will help you [...]

When looking at the prices for ski clothes, many shoppers will start to feel a little shell-shocked as they imagine their pockets getting lighter and lighter. Given today’s economy, many people can’t afford to buy brand-new top-notch clothing and gear. A ski instructor or informational website going on and on about how price should be [...]

If you are new to skiing you should learn the differences between street clothes and ski clothes before you go on your first skiing holiday. There are many items of clothing that look suitable for skiing or snowboarding but that will fail you on the slopes and have the potential to ruin your holiday. It [...]

Comparison of K2 Super Burnin 2012 and K2 Burnin Luv Skis As the owner of K2 Burnin Luv skis for the past three years and One Luv skis before that I was excited to purchase the new K2 Super Burnin skis this year. Being in Australia I have had the chance to use these skis [...]


We were lucky enough to have some glorious weather for the great Style Wars boarding competition at Falls Creek. This year is particularly memorable as it is the tenth anniversary of this, Australia’s premier boarding event. Style Wars has a reputation for attracting all the top international riders and with Slopestyle now being an Olympic [...]


Ski wear trends have definitely gone beyond the traditional cuts, patterns, styles and the usual plain old boring colors. These days, the winter season no longer means staying indoors donning mittens and warm woollies. The winter season does bring a dull image to some people and many find this season a boring time. Prepare for [...]


Skiing enthusiasts often feel that they have to wear unflattering and heavy layers of ski gear. Because of their love for this kind of sport, they couldn’t care less about fashion, but today, you can find many options when it comes to choosing clothes for skiing. There are many new and innovative ski clothing options [...]