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Best ski workouts to get in shape

Planning a ski trip or preparing yourself for training to improve your exiting skills can be hard work, and suiting up not only to beat the cold but also to hit the slopes can add tens of pounds to your existing wardrobe. Because lugging all of that extra ski gear and tearing up the slopes requires you to be in your best shape, there are a number of warm ups and ski workouts that you can do in advance that will help you to become more prepared for ski season. You should attempt to begin any pre season training at least six weeks prior to your trip to gain the most benefit from them

Once at your resort a few basics can make a huge difference. Before heading out for a day on the slopes, you should always begin with a good ten minute stretch. This helps keep your muscles in tip top shape for a very strenuous workout and helps reduce the risk of injury.

Once you are on the hill or trail, you should also do a number of warm up runs. If you are a downhill skier or snowboarder, you can do your fist two runs at a lesser pace on less advanced slopes. Cross country skiers should also begin their routine on more level ground at a slower speed as well. In addition, you can also do a couple of extra warm up runs after your noon break to help better prepare your muscles for more exercise.

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Don’t forget the relax time after your best ski workout

After a day on the slopes, heat treatment can also be beneficial for relieving pain and easing tension in achy muscles. A hot shower or bath can be great, but a trip to the hot tub or Jacuzzi can be much more relaxing and fun.

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