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Guide to use snow chains correctly and safely

Snow chains are useful devices that provide drivers with traction while driving through snow during winter. Snowy winters call for the installation of tire chains. A set of two tire chains is ideal for drive wheels typically located at the front of the vehicle. For older models of cars, the chains will be placed on rear wheels. If you are unsure which are the drive wheels of your car check with your local gas station or mechanic as this is of vital importance. If possible, the four tires should all be chained.

These chains provide a stable grip and maximize control in any snowy environment. They act like extra treading that the wheels require for traction owing to the snow and ice that may be on the road. Chains are valuable for conditions where the depth of snow is a considerable number of inches. During chain installation, the ends of the chain should be securely fastened. Connectors on the metal chains are available to ensure that everything is snug and tight. The chains should never overlap and no loose links should be present.

Snow Chains – drive carefully

When driving with snow chains, it is important to realize that regular driving speed cannot be maintained. Driving fast will not only damage the rubber casing of the tires, more importantly it can cause the axle to break if the snow chains snap and form a grip around it. Chains should be selected according to the types of tires that the car has. Some tires cannot handle steel chains because their radial bands are diagonally placed. In such instances, it is important to choose chains that are specifically designed for certain tires.

Once the chains are fitted, the car will have the traction that is necessary for contending with the snowy conditions. Even with this enhanced traction, you must exercise caution in terms of driving speed. It is advisable travel at a slow and steady speed with no sudden variations. The accelerator should be used cautiously when speeding up and you should also allow ample time to stop the car with no sudden braking. Your chains should be securely and firmly fitted so that they do not move around while the car is in motion. A poorly or loosely secured chain can damage the car extensively.

Choosing the right snow chains

Choosing the right snow chains will give you control in snowy and icy conditions and make it possible to drive comfortably in areas that are prone to snowy winters. One point to remember is that snow chains should not be used if there is no snow on the roads as they may damage your tires, or worse break and damage your car.

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