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Enjoy some good skiing in New England

Historically, many good skiing areas in New England have not drawn in the large numbers of crowds as places like Tahoe or other ski areas on the western side of the country. However, with the US economy on the upswing and a promising snow outlook in many New England states, many of the area’s ski resorts are hopeful that, with the right amount of promotions on cheap ski wear and incentives, they can attract a greater number of ski gear carrying clients from the East Coast as well as those traveling from the western side of the country.

How well a ski resort or ski area performs during peak ski seasons is a risky business, highly dependent on how well Mother Nature cooperates. The amount of snow fall a particular ski area received is the greatest single predictor of the amount of revenue generated at any one resort in a year. But when the snow falls, the skiers and winter sports enthusiasts follow, and this year’s 2010 Winter Olympics games is expected to renew a greater sense of interest in winter sports and skiing on the whole. Skiing in New England is surely going to be a hot spot.

The numbers are up, and so is skiing in New England

In 2009, there was a record number of skiers and snowboarders who visited ski areas nationwide, at 57.4 million visitors, and this year the number is expected to be even greater. With record snowfalls in much of the country, ski areas in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are still loading up on ski gear, opening the slopes, passing out promotions, and hoping that skiers from all over will come to share their enthusiasm. With all of the good skiing in New England, you can be sure the slopes will fill fast.

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